Former Westchester County District Attorney - and one-time Attorney General candidate and potential Senate candidate - Jeanine Pirro and her husband Al Pirro have announced they are separating. Their statement to the press: "We have agreed to amicably separate. As always, our priority remains our two wonderful children. We ask that people respect our privacy. There will be no further comment."

The couple has been married 32 years and have weathered through many years of public scrutiny and humiliation, from Al Pirro's child (he fathered during his marriage to Pirro) to tax his fraud conviction and imprisonment in 2000 and from Jeanine Pirro's embarrassing campaigning to her alleged bugging of her husband's boat to see if he was having an affair.

Pirro has had high political aspirations, trying to win the Republican Senate nomination in 2006 to run against Senator Hillary Clinton, but State Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno told her to get out of the race. Pirro ended up running for Attorney General against Andrew Cuomo, which resulted in some nasty debates. And then, during her Attorney General bid, came news she was allegedly trying to bug her husband's boat (asking her friend Bernard Kerik) to see if he was having an affair with a family friend.

Before the election, Al Pirro spoke to New York magazine and went off on his wife, explaining why he had female friends (but platonic ones!), "Do I think that I would like to have more attention at home? Yeah. And, you know, if you’re not going to get attention at home, I think you really need to make some decisions about your future.”

The Pirros have apparently been living apart - the Post has been keeping tabs on Al, seeing him living on his boat and shopping at the Bombay Company in Yonkers. The Daily News doesn't seem to be tailing the Pirros but it does have a very long list of the Pirros' memorable moments. Speculation was that Jeanine stayed with Al because he provided for his wife's expensive habits, like designer suits, multiple homes, and Botox. Now, some are curious why the separation is occurring now. A Westchester Democrat Greg Rubin told the Journal News, "I think she's a calculating person, and she's done this for a reason. I definitely think she has ambitions to come back to politics."