Juan Thompson, the former Intercept reporter accused of calling in eight bomb threats to Jewish Community Centers around the country in his ex-girlfriend's name, also reportedly harassed a St. journalist who reported on his career. He also may have asked 4chan spinoff 8chan to harass the ex-girlfriend who he is accused of stalking.

In the wake of Thompson's arrest, The Riverfront Times' Doyle Murphy shared the story of what happened to him after he wrote a couple of stories about Thompson getting fired from The Intercept and Media Blackout USA. According to Murphy, Thompson emailed him to tell him that he was "a white piece of shit who lies and distorts to fit a narrative." That was just the start of an alleged harassment campaign that Murphy pinned on Thompson, a campaign including making multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts to call him a rapist and sending him threatening text messages.

Muprhy's story also makes reference to a Tumblr account purportedly written by a woman who had a crush on Thompson in high school in which she specifically named the woman Thompson was accused of cyberstalking, which Murphy suggests was actually written by Thompson to "stroke [his] ego, to cover any cyber misdeeds with a bizarre account of hacking, and to slime the ex-girlfriend." In the Tumblr post, the author talks about trying to get 8chan to harass the woman that Thompson's ex-girlfriend. That would line up with a Daily Beast report in which they found a poster who shared the name, phone number and other details of Thompson's ex-girlfriend and asked "What can I do to destroy her life?"

And while Thompson has been caught for the handful of threats that he allegedly made, Jewish organizations are hoping that this doesn't take the focus off the many other unsolved threats against JCCs around the country.

“There are many more JCC bomb threats that have not been solved, and communities are hurting. We hope all law enforcement will continue to be diligent," Evan Bernstein, the New York regional director at the Anti-Defamation League said on Friday according to the Washington Post.

"It’s a good thing they got this guy, but this indictment brings us no closer to identifying the source of the broader campaign aimed at Jewish centers, with around 100 threats still unaccounted for, not to mention the numerous incidents of vandalism," J.M. Berger, a fellow with the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism at The Hague and an expert on extremism wrote to the paper in an email.

According to the Times, investigators are still trying to figure out who is responsible for the rest of the threats, but whoever made them used "sophisticated technology to mask personal details, like identity and the origin of the internet-based calls."