All that jazz;  Photo: AP

Mayor Bloomberg tried out a little Fosse at the NYC press corps dinner over the weekend. The theme was "Queer Eye for the Rich Guy" (Gothamist tip: Stop looking so dour and smile more!) and featured sketches about beer-swilling firefighters and cigarette-smokers. They apparently had fun, but Gothamist can only imagine what would have happened if Upright Citizens Brigade or P.S. 122 were involved.

And there's a great New York magazine article by Greg Sargent about Mayor Bloomberg becoming a politician, as in "finding his inner Rudy": "Hammer away one day, and escalate the assault the next on the radio—it’s City Politics 101, a mainstay of none other than the Hannibal Lecter of City Hall, Rudy Giuliani." Hannibal Lecter of City Hall - Gothamist would TOTALLY see that movie.