Jazmine Headley, the woman whose 18-month-old son was ripped from her arms by police officers last week, was finally released from a Rikers Island jail on Tuesday night. A Brooklyn Supreme Court judge made the decision, calling video of the arrest a “horrific scene that was broadcast all over the United States.”

Hours earlier, Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez dismissed the case against Headley, saying it was clear "that this incident should have been handled differently." The prosecutor had initially filed a slew of charges against the 23-year-old mother, including acting in a manner injurious to a child.

Headley was escorted from Rikers at 9 p.m. and quickly greeted by throngs of media and supporters. "I just want to thank everybody for the support that I've been getting in New York and just all the great people who's been supporting me," she said. "I'm just happy to be free and I just need to see my boy."

A few minutes later, Headley was reunited with her child, Damone, for the first time since the incident.

Headley's attorneys said that their client was largely unaware of the widespread national outrage prompted by her arrest, which occurred while she was seeking daycare vouchers at a social services center located in Boerum Hill.

Police were called after Headley allegedly refused to move from the floor of the assistance office. But her lawyers and multiple witnesses said that she'd been forced to stand for over four hours without a seat, and that she was quietly sitting with her child in the corner. They say there was no escalation on the part of Headley.

Footage of the subsequent arrest shows police officers and Human Resources Administration "peace officers" attempting to yank the baby from her arms, as Headley lays on her back screaming. One of the officers repeatedly jerks at the child, then pulls out a stun gun and points it at the horrified crowd.

"They're hurting my son," Headley can be heard shouting. "I'm begging you, please." The child was still receiving medical care for "lingering bruising" as of Tuesday night, according to attorneys.

Two Human Resources Administration peace officers were placed on modified duty as a result of the incident. The NYPD has refused to name the officers involved, and has not said whether they'll face discipline.

Headley's five-day detention on Rikers Island was triggered by a bench warrant for a 2016 arrest in New Jersey. Her attorneys say that she was the passenger in a car when the other person was found to have stolen credit cards. They called on prosecutors to drop those charges, noting that she's "been through enough."

Today, Brooklyn Defenders announced that all of the charges Headley faced in Mercer County, New Jersey will be dismissed: