Rabbi Sholom Emert says he doesn't have a problem with getting a ticket for jaywalking, but he does have a problem with the officer who ticketed him on the Sabbath. According to WCBS, members of Brooklyn’s orthodox Jewish community are all riled up because the officer was insensitive and made Emert write his name down—which isn't allowed on the Sabbath. The rabbi told them, “This officer did not understand my religious life. I told him I’m a Sabbath observer. I don’t have ID on me. I live down the block. You can come to my house and I’ll give you my ID. So he said if you have no ID we have to take you to the precinct." Emert then chose to write his name down over the less convenient alternative.

Residents rallying behind his decision say that officer should have just given him a warning, and his wife thinks "they should have a talk with this cop to brief him about the Jewish community. I’m sure he’s been around long enough to see there’s plenty of Jews around here."

Was the rabbi treated too harshly? We await the eyewitness account from Viane Delgado!