Three witnesses have identified former Nets player Jayson Williams as the driver of a Mercedes SUV that crashed into a tree by the FDR in January. But Williams is sticking to his story that he wasn't the one driving. When first responders arrived at the scene, Williams was in the passenger seat, and he claims that the mystery man behind the wheel ran away to freedom, leaving a sodden Williams holding the bag. (When his blood was finally tested at Bellevue, the results came back with a blood alcohol level of 0.19, twice the legal limit.) But Williams's lawyer argues that these witnesses were not handled properly.

Attorney Oscar Holt has asked a judge to toss out the case because the witnesses were not shown anyone else when identifying his client. "Of course the people are going to say it was him," Holt tells the AP. Prosecutors insist the identification was legitimate, and say surveillance video puts Williams behind the wheel. Williams, who was seen drinking heavily at a bar with college students hours before the accident, is currently serving a five-year prison sentence in New Jersey after pleading guilty to aggravated assault for fatally shooting a limo driver in 2002. The DA wants him to serve a year in jail, the maximum DWI punishment, after he does time for that.