When the New Jersey Nets make their move to Brooklyn they will, assuming the NBA has another season, be changing their name. But to what? All signs point to The Brooklyn Nets. So if you were hoping to root for the Brooklyn New Yorkers, tough luck. On the plus side, the rumors appear to be true: when the new Barclays Center opens its bland interior to the public next year it will kick things off with a series of Jay-Z concerts. And, according to sources, a post-baby Beyonce is expected to perform at at least one of his shows.

It seems that Jay Z has finally acquiesced to pressure and will be using his popularity to try and sway Knicks fans to become Nets fans. Beyond christening the new arena with concerts, he's going to be everywhere Nets ads will be next year. Said Nets CEO Brett Yormark: "Jay-Z will be the face of the team’s fourth-quarter campaign" to sell tickets, especially the pricy all-access passes, which are going for up to $15,400 a season.

Wonder if Coke will make a special soda for Jay Z while its making all those special Brooklyn-themed sodas for the arena?