In November, Charlie Rose sat down with rapper and entrepreneur Jay-Z. The musician is originally from Brooklyn and late in the interview Rose queries about the expected success of the Nets once they move to Kings County. Jay-Z is very enthusiastic about the potential of the team and the virtues of the borough, as he prefaces every statement about Brooklyn with the words "we" and "ours." It is unintentionally comedic then when Rose immediately follows up with the question "And where do you live now?" The answer is a terse "In Manhattan, uh." The exchange begins around 48 minutes and 45 seconds into the interview and a quick transcript is available at the Atlantic Yards Report site here. It reminded us of the first time that we heard that director Spike Lee had moved to the Upper East Side.

Jay-Z is certainly an interesting interview subject, with an album out connected to the Denzel Washington film "American Gangster." We still enjoy one of the first mash-up albums to go mainstream by producer DJ Danger Mouse, "The Grey Album," which mixed the Beatles' "White Album" with Jay-Z's "Black Album."