Today, the Brooklyn Nets confirmed they are the Brooklyn Nets—Nets CEO Brett Yormark Tweeted, "We are the brooklyn nets. #hellobrooklyn"—and showed off their logo, which was leaked by someone working at the Barclays Center last week. Anyway, you know those complaints about the logo being, well, not that great? Blame Jay-Z, because the Nets say he created it.

On the Nets' website, it says, "The Brooklyn Nets today introduced their black and white color scheme and new logo as the team prepares for its exciting relocation to Barclays Center for the 2012-13 NBA season. Created by JAY Z, the Brooklyn Nets’ brand identity celebrates the history and heritage of the city." And from the Nets' blog, in a post written by Ben Couch:

The Brooklyn Nets have arrived. As a born-and-raised Brooklyn resident, whose parents still live here and work minutes away from the Barclays Center, it's a day I've been waiting for since the proposal was first floated in 2003. And it's a day that brings a new look to professional sports, a timeless one grounded in city history: the signage of New York's unparalleled subway system.

The new primary logo - created by Brooklyn's own JAY Z - retains the shield from its previous iteration, and adds that iconic Brooklyn 'B' to the basketball that has been part of every logo since the franchise's 1967 inception as the Americans. The Dodgers had their lettermark, and the Nets have added another model for the borough to bear. "Brooklyn," of course, is spelled out below. Nets CEO Brett Yormark called this "the new badge for Brooklyn," and JAY Z believes the design's boldness demonstrates confidence in the new direction.

The secondary logo, of the 'B' inside a basketball, surrounded by the words "Brooklyn New York" immediately popped an image into my head: "Planet Brooklyn." It's hard to explain the pride native Brooklynites feel for their home ("BK," "Bucktown," the "Brooklyn Zoo"), how outsiders don't get it and never really will; one measure might be trying to think if you've ever met someone from Brooklyn who said they were from "New York."

The Nets' Twitter account, which had been @netsbasketball, is now @brooklynnets.

There are also some videos on the Nets' site—there may or may not be Aeroflot ads—pumping up Brooklyn Pride. And, FYI, stuff is already on sale at Modell's and online.