2005_09_teletubbie.jpgGothamist *knew* the coffee we had a few years ago was a little...strange: The feds have accused a drug ring of smuggling cocaine into New York City, as well as other parts of the country, by putting the drugs in coffee shipping containers - with coffee already in it. Hmm, Gothamist wonders if coffee shipments weren't as scrutinized, because people just wanted their hand picked Arabica beans. And yes, yes, the drugs were probably very separate from the coffee - Newsday reports they were "sometimes wrapped in packages bearing images of the Teletubbies TV characters." Because La La, Tinkie Winkie and the gang are totally drug-free! Other fun stuff about this Figueroa-Escobar drug operation: The feds called their investigation "Operation Pier Pressure" and once suspects escaped Staten Island's Howland Hook Marine Terminal in a 90 MPH chase with agents.