Early yesterday morning, veteran NBA point guard and new New York Knick Jason Kidd was arrested for DWI after crashing his Cadillac Escalade into a utility pole in the Hamptons. The incident, which occurred before 2 a.m. near Cobb and Little Cobb roads in Water Mill, apparently came after Kidd was partying at SL East—someone emailed Barstool Sports with photos, "My buddy’s wife was at last night where Kidd was partying. Said he had to be carried out by security at the end of the night because he was so wasted."

"Wasted" was also the word used to describe him during the arrest: According to the Daily News, a witness who saw police checking out Kidd, "I saw him lying down, completely out of it. I think he was just so wasted." A source tells the Post that when Kidd, who was alone in his car, got out of his Escalade—which may have been going as fast as 60 MPH—Kidd was "acting strangely 'nonchalant.' When a police officer asked him his name, he said, 'Jason.' When she asked his last name, he replied, 'Jason Kidd.'" He was allegedly "unsteady on his feet, clearly intoxicated but oddly relaxed."

Other clubgoers said that Kidd was given a warm welcome: "People kept screaming at him, “Welcome to New York!'" one person told the Post while another said, "[Kidd] was completely sauced. He was so far gone at SL East, he was dancing on banquettes, passing bottles — his ass was lit up lighter than July 4!"

Kidd was charged with driving while intoxicated; his lawyer told Newsday, "I entered a not-guilty plea and await further court proceedings. That's all I am indicating to press at this time." While Kidd, who was released on his own recognizance, did not seem to be injured, he reportedly took a sleeping aid and had a reaction to it; a Post source says, "He had a bad reaction, and the family was concerned and called for an EMT to check him out." The source also denied suggestions that it was a suicide attempt, "Why would the guy want to end his life? He just signed a $10 million contract and has a beautiful new baby." Plus a huge new house in the Hamptons!

Kidd's crash knocked out Cablevision service to residents. Cablevision, of course, owns the Knicks.