wxch_24hr_tchange.jpgWhoosh! That's the sound of today's weather. The skies may be gloomy this morning but, whoosh, a cold front will bring us abundant sunshine this afternoon. Along with clearing skies will be a much cooler air mass. Look at those crazy temperature drops across the Midwest yesterday. While our temperature drop won't be as extreme as in Chicago, we expect the proverbial mercury to drop into the mid-30s by the time we go home this evening. With that much change there's bound to be wind. The National Weather Service has issued a wind advisory through five o'clock. Winds will pick up to between 20 and 30 miles and hour during the day. Gusts of 45-50 mph are not out of the question.

Tomorrow will be much calmer than today. Expect sunny skies and a seasonable high in the upper-30s. The warmth patrol begins anew in February. Friday should be the first of several days with temperatures reaching the mid-40s. Friday could also be quite windy and wet. Very wet.

If you think today's weather is crazy consider the whole month. With a warm day today and a sunny day tomorrow, this month is set to be the first snowless January since 1933. January 1995 came close with only 0.2 inches of snow. There's been plenty of storms this month but, as Weather Service meteorologist Joseph Pollina explained to the Sun most of them "have been inland, west of New York City." For snow to fall on the city, storms need to ideally follow an offshore path and that just hasn't happened this year. So far this winter only 2.9 inches of snow has fallen.

24-hour temperature change map from weather.com.