2007_01_equinox.JPG2007_01_janitor.jpgLawsuits claiming hostile work environments have now hit the gym. A group of janitors claim that while working at Equinox fitness club locations, the Post excitedly details, they were "exposed inappropriate, lewd, embarrassing and humiliating sexual behavior and activities occurring in the showers, saunas, steam and [men's] locker rooms."

The group of janitors say had to clean up after encounters at the Columbus Circle, TriBeCa, East 63rd Street, Wall Street, and Greenwich Avenue locations. And what's more, when they complained to management, they were reportedly "ridiculed." Hello, civil and human rights violations?

Equinox COO Scott Rosen says, "It's just not an issue here at Equinox," and points out that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration dismissed the janitors' complaint when they investigated. The janitors' lawyer, Peter Kurshan, tells the Post he didn't know about the OSHA review. But Kurshan does have other quotes: His clients were "[stuck] cleaning up and handling bodily fluids, and towels and clothing containing such fluids." and "Towels were on the floor. They'd have to pick them up and take them to the laundry room."

At some gyms, there are separate staffers who collects towels in the locker rooms. Allegations of sex aside, even towels soaked with workout sweat are pretty gross. The janitors involved in the lawsuit have all left Equinox - maybe it's time to interview the new ones!