Unless you're Salvador Dali or Rex Ryan, a foot fetish scandal is not going to make you seem artistic or cuddly. And it's especially sketchy when you start propositioning teen girls: LaGuardia Community College janitor allegedly propositioned a high school student with “as much money as she wanted” to let him suck her toes. Surprisingly, he doesn't work at LaGuardia anymore.

Harley Joseph, 29, first approached the girl, a student at Middle College High School (located on the LaGuardia campus), in November 2011 and asked her for a lunch date. She refused, but this past February, he allegedly approached her again, and offered her $100 to “allow him to suck [her] toes.” When she refused, he offered to take the student to an ATM for even more money—then the victim told police he became violent, grabbing her by the wrist and leading her to a place “where no one would see them."

The girl was able to escape unharmed, but reported the incident to police. By the time police started their investigation, Joseph had been transferred from the college. The News point out Joseph was hired by a private contractor, Perfect Building Maintenance, and therefore wasn't necessarily subject to a background check.

Last year, a 7-year-old girl told cops that a bearded man assaulted her in a Queens library, focusing on her feet: “Sniffed them, rubbed them against his beard, and kissed them." In 2010, Wayne Bartley, a former middle school science teacher/foot fetishist, was caught after having a 14-month affair with a 13-year-old student.