A baby was found in a pile of garbage in a Bronx apartment building yesterday. The NY Times says the building's janitor Angel Torres "heard a loud thud" that "did not sound like trash falling," so he went to see what was in the bin. A baby, dressed in a pink coat and white jumper, had been thrown down the trash chute. Torres thought it might have been a doll, but then realized it was a real baby.

Investigators believe the baby was dead before it was thrown in the chute. A police dog was on the scene to find any trace of the baby at the building, but neighbors did not know of anyone in the building who recently had a baby.

Two other young children died in the past few days: A 1 month old Bronx boy seems to have been smothered while sleeping with his parents on Monday while a 1 year old Brooklyn girl was found dead of undetermined causes Sunday night.