2006_04_janjac.jpgJane Jacobs' death will be talked about for a while, because issues she questioned continue to be relevant today, and we expect many articles about her and influence to come. But, for now, here are a couple links on Jane Jacobs - and let us know about more:

- The NY Times obituary has an extensive look at her life
- The AP obituary has a quote from her editor, Jason Epstein ("She inspired a kind of quiet revolution. Every time you see people rise up and oppose a developer, you think of Jane Jacobs.") and Robert Moses biographer, Robert Caro ("far-sighted genius who guided cities in new directions")
- Studio 360 radio interview from 2002
- Video interview (and text) of Jacobs speaking at the World Banks' Urban Forum 2002
- Metropolis' 1998 interview and 2000 interview
- Transportation Alternatives's statement on her death, with her quote about a car-free Central Park
- Canadian Press feature from 2002
- Jacobs as "anti-planner," per the Ludwig von Mises Institute, 2003
- Google News on "Jane Jacobs"