Yesterday Curbed quietly pointed out that the West Village residents were rallying against the Jane Hotel, particularly the establishment's plan for a rooftop bar. Rumor has it neighbors were promised entrance to the place if they would just STFU, but since late last month they've been airing their complaints on a blog called Nightmare on Jane Street.

The neighbors are bringin' the big guns, and not just with that blog; word is they've "retained a lawyer and are petitioning the State Liquor Authority claiming that their original license claimed the club would have 'background noise only.'" When something similar happened at the Beatrice Inn, the doors were shut forever.

Keep up with the NIMBY's white whines over at the Nightmare's Twitter feed; recently they Twote: "Looks like the Sex and the City mobs from earlier today have started sauntering west to the Jane. oh joy." While the Daily News reports "The typical weeknight crowd includes a plethora of celebrities," it also includes large crowds, smokers, loud music and endless taxi lines. It's too bad 'cause that place sure is pretty.