The Jane Hotel can't seem to keep anyone happy! The neighbors have already led a crusade to get their club shut down, and now a recent paying customer at the hotel has quite a story about his stay there—which he tells on his blog, in a post titled I Smell Dead People.

First up, he noticed an odd smell which was explained by various hotel workers as pretty much everything except a dead person. Eventually he says he "finally recognized it: something dead. Something very big and very dead." This was finally confirmed when he spotted a Police Department D.O.A. notice. It was allegedly for an older man who lived in one of the rent-controlled, unrenovated rooms from when the hotel was an SRO.

Instead of being upset about breathing in the stench of death, however, he waxed poetic about the experience, saying, "Ask me my biggest fear, and I’ll tell you straight up, it would be to live and die alone, without love. Some poor guy went to bed and didn’t wake up, and nobody even noticed until the smell got out of hand. I hope you’ve moved on, to somewhere with someone who cares about checking in from time to time." [via Curbed]