The nightmare on Jane Street continues, though it still remains uncertain if the real nightmare is the Jane Hotel, or the wealthy NIMBYs who are unleashing every city agency upon their new neighbor.

To recap, the residents of the street have teamed up to fight the establishment; they've started a blog, filed complaints, hired a PR person, and rant on their Twitter as the loud, smoking, drunk masses keep them up at night.

The latest turn of events happened early Friday evening, as the DoH, DoB, NYPD and FDNY raided the place. Eater notes that the "prospects of the troubled State Liquor Authority stripping their liquor license seem slim," but let's not forget how the Beatrice Inn went down. They also say that the hotel was not forced to close, according to reps, "We were visited by some city agencies last night and have to restrict our capacity while we get some issues sorted, but we are open."