2005_02_celljammer.jpgGothamist loves our cellphone. In fact, we'd probably be a shell of ourselves if we didn't have it. But there are times when we want that other obnoxious person to stop yakking - no one needs to hear how he almost slept with that hot girl, no one needs to hear how she almost maybe bought those cute heels (okay, maybe not no one, but not us). And those loudmouths on the plane who think they're Donald Trump, on the phone until the flight attendants says "turn then off" and right after the plane "dings" at landing, Gothamist hates them as much as the fools who keep their phone on "ring" during movies. That's why the popularity of cellphone jammers fascinates us. The Post talked to a couple spy shops and jammer purchasers. Restaurateurs are buying them, and some suspect hotels buy them to make people use the expensive hotel phones. But what about the text messaging?

Would you jam people's cellphones? Or are you in need of jamming? Of course, jammers are illegal, but isn't music sharing, to a certain extent?