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Happy Friday New York City, a place where the "nightlife mayor" is seemingly no longer adored by the local tabloid which once endorsed him. Here are a few more things to read ahead of your weekend!

  • This whole James Corden-Balthazar-banned-then-not-banned-eggs saga has literally dragged on the entire week, but the headlines keep coming, and I can’t stop clicking? But Corden himself seems to think it’s not really a thing, telling The New York Times in an interview over lunch at a different restaurant: “I promise you, ask around this restaurant. They don’t know about this. Maybe 15 percent of people. I’ve been here, been walking around New York, not one person’s come up to me.” (To his credit, the server told the reporter after the interview that she didn’t even really know who Corden was. “I know he’s famous.. I think he’s British.”)
  • In a civil lawsuit, a New York jury decided actor Kevin Spacey was not guilty of molesting actor Anthony Rapp when Rapp was 14. But Rapp’s allegations were just among the many leveled against Spacey, and The Cut has compiled quite a long list of all them.
  • The man accused of attacking Lee Zeldin, New York’s GOP nominee for governor, will be released from jail next week but only under conditions like completing a 28-day alcohol treatment program.
  • I religiously watched seasons 1-3 of American Horror Story when they aired, but was pretty over it by season four. So I was shocked to learn that this series had its season 11 premiere last night (especially since Ryan Murphy has two other new shows leading Netflix charts). But the new season, titled AHS: NYC, takes place here in the 80’s, has a great cast (including Patti Lupone who left the Actors Equity union this week), and this Vulture review makes it sound pretty decent, so maybe I have to watch it.
  • There’s also an American Horror Story-NYC edition playing out in real life at an East Village apartment building where there are mushrooms literally growing out of the walls, plus “two ceilings collapsed in recent months, rodents roam the building, and the front door's lock is so shoddy that squatters were able to freely enter and take over ‘nearly every vacant apartment’ in the 24-unit building, where they did drugs, urinated and defecated.”
  • An office building in Williamsburg is reportedly offering 50% off rent “to lure tech and media firms that are attracted to Manhattan.”
  • As a transplant, I had never heard of “Brooklyn-Queens Day” until yesterday, when the mayor announced the borough-specific school holiday would be replaced with a day off for Diwali. It’s not like Manhattan needs any more attention, but it still seemed weird to me that there even was a holiday for just two out of five boroughs? But then I read this Hell Gate piece/obit which provides some of the history and now I sort of get it: “It wasn’t meant to last.”
  • And: there's only 10 days left in October, please just decorate for Harpo's sake: