Yesterday was James Brown's last time on stage at the Apollo. His 24-karat gold-plated coffin was carried inside after traveling in a horse drawn carriage. Brown's coffin traveled through Wednesday night to get to Harlem by Thursday morning. His old chauffeur made the drive with Al Sharpton, who had a close relationship to Brown. Sharpton, Brown's daughters and his current wife (who may not be legally married to Brown), Tomi Rae Hynie, were all in attendance. ET reports that "Oscar-winning actress Rachel Weisz brought her baby to the viewing".

People crowded around the famous theater and waited to get inside and pay their respects by walking on the stage and viewing him. While it is nice that people got to have one last glimpse of the Godfather of Soul, it's also a little creepy. Here are some photos from the day. Did anyone go?




It's possible his fans will have a place to go and pay their respects in the future, too, as Brown's agent Frank Copsidas told The Post, "He said his house could be another Graceland. He said 'Elvis did it, why can't I?'"

Photographs by Kathy Willens/AP