A Jamaican man arrested for sexually assaulting five subway commuters reportedly told the NYPD he had never seen white women before and found them so "absolutely beautiful" that he couldn't stop himself. Officers caught serial groper Damario Johnson, 19, as he allegedly chased a woman inside the Hoyt Street 2/3 station in downtown Brooklyn Monday morning and put his hands up her skirt, the Daily News reports.

Johnson has been in the country for two months on a student visa. Police told the tabloid that he's suspected of groping one woman last Wednesday morning, another on Thursday night, and two more Friday. After victims filed reports with both the NYPD and MTA, transit cops used descriptions to identify Johnson yesterday at the Hoyt Street station.

The Post reports that all of Johnson's victims were white women between 20 and 50 years old. NYPD Captain Zahid Williams told the paper that in some instances, Johnson managed to put his hand inside the women's underwear.

“It’s a very distinctive crime, a very, very distinctive method of committing this crime,” Williams said.