Tranquility Bay

The Times' Tim Weiner, who looked at behavior modification schools for teens a month ago, is back with a feature on a behavior modification school in Jamaica with a harsh reputation. Traquility Bay: They say they spent 13 hours a day, for weeks or months on end, lying on their stomachs in an isolation room, their arms repeatedly twisted to the breaking point. Others say the program took them off a road to hell and saved their lives.

Weiner basicaly retreads on what he covered a month ago - a range of parents who are outraged by how Tranquility Bay lied about what they offered and those who love it: "It was the best thing we've ever done," said Mrs. Stilwell, whose 16-year-old daughter is at Tranquility Bay, on Prozac, but off drink and other drugs. "Tranquility Bay is not cushy," she said. "It's harsh. But it saved her life." And of course, the website and brochures make it look like there are rap sessions and Kumbaya, but one parent refers to Tranquility Bay as a "gulag."

Tranquility Bay links to the 34 Warning Signs of Teenage Drug Use. Included: Disrespectful to parents, Poor self image, Loss of Interest in healthy activities, and Drug Paraphernalia.