Former Tombs chaplain Rabbi Leib Glanz apparently was so good at throwing parties for inmates, politicians and his Satmar community alike that his power extended well beyond the jailhouse bar mitzvah where we first encountered of him. Whether it was arranging for ferries that took 10,000 Satmars from Williamsburg to the Jacob Javits Center or hosting a dinner for where his local state senator attempted to get the Orthdox community on board for Governor Paterson's election, Glanz created "a perception that he had political influence...that could help (people's) careers." The rabbi even implied his connections went beyond the earthly plane, saying that he saw "the hand of God" in Paterson's ascension to governor. The Post continues to talk to Corrections officials and inmates who crossed paths with Glanz and now claim that he completely ran the Tombs and could have those who disagreed with him there transferred to Rikers. A worker for the 2005 Bloomberg campaign who dealt with the rabbi tells the Times, “This is the problem: He always erred on the side of helping a little bit too much.”