Oy vey: The Post reports that Rabbi Leib Glanz has resigned as a city jail chaplain, as tales of his generous ways towards Orthodox Jewish inmates—from allowing one to throw his son's bar mitzvah at the Tombs to entertaining some with clowns and allowing them to have sex with female prisoners—grew. Glanz, who was suspended after the unorthodox bar mitzvah (held at the Manhattan Detention Complex's gym, complete with knives), said, "Yes, I resigned. I decided it was best for everybody."

However, the Rabbi denied the allegations, telling the Post its series of articles, which mentioned that food was specially brought in for Orthodox Jewish inmates and that a satellite feed of one inmate's daughter's wedding was set up, were "uncalled for, totally unjust, pure lies... Whoever gave that information over lied. For 35 years I've been in public life. I never did bad for a single creature." Still, the scandal was enough to prompt Corrections Chief Peter Curcio to resign. Curcio told the Post, "I regret the embarrassment that this event has caused the city of New York. As a three-star bureau chief, I understand that I'm ultimately responsible for everything."

Curcio, though, laid the blame on approving the bar mitzvah for financial scammer Tuvia Stern's son on head chaplain Imam Umar Abdul-Jalil, "However, in this particular instance, I did not approve the bar mitzvah -- it was approved by Umar [Abdul-Jalil]." The Post says, "Before the scandal, Curcio was being eyed to become the agency's next chief of department."