It's one thing after another for diabetic mafia don Thomas "Tommy Shots" Gioeli, who is cooling his heels at the Metropolitan Detention Center awaiting trial on racketeering and murder charges. Gioeli doesn't have any teeth, he suffered a stroke in February, and he says prison officials haven't filled his prescriptions or given him proper food for his diabetes. Now the alleged Colombo family street boss is finally getting some of his medication, but he won't take it because the pill administer is touching the pills with her bare hands.

On his blog, Tommy's Voice (which the Daily News says is maintained by his daughter), Gioeli does make some valid points: "My new issue is no gloves worn by the pill administer on the pill line... (a little backround) in MDC there is over a thousand men, tuberculosis, AIDS, unnamed rashes, unkillable bacteria, a chicken pox outbreak, numerous runny noses and eyes, etc., and the pill line lady refuses to wear gloves when she dispenses our oral medication.

"She shakes out the pill into the cap or an ungloved hand and watches as we place this into our mouths. The cap maneuver may be okay for the mother who is giving meds to her kids, but in an institutional setting it is down right unsanitary, if not illegal. So, I refuse my moring dose until she wears gloves. Every morning I ask her if she brought her gloves and she yells,'I'm in no mood for you today!' Then I refuse to partake in this daily infectious ritual." This pill line lady sounds like a real ball-breaker, but you know she'd never pull something like this if Gioeli was with the Gambino family.