A Bronx woman is suing Jacobi Medical Center and the New York Organ Donor Network for $5 million, claiming they never asked her consent before harvesting her mother's organs after she died of a heart attack last year. Jo Drever says she found that doctors took her mother's organs after receiving a thank you call from the New York Organ Donor Network. But the Network says they didn't even get Margaret Lanza's organs.

A spokesperson told the Daily News, "The New York Organ Donor Network recovered no organs, eyes or tissues from Ms. Lanza," but Drever's lawyer, Bonita Zelman, said, "If they don't know they procured Margaret Lanza's eyes, then there's a real problem." In a separate suit, Zelman is suing the state for mistakenly entering Lanza's name as an organ donor on her driver's license. Apparently the license Lanza had when she was admitted did not say she was an organ donor, but she was listed as one on her renewed license. Did that organ donation bill go through without anyone knowing? Zelman said, "This is a clear case of illegal organ harvesting and stealing body parts without consent."