Oh, the saga of Jack the Cat just won't stop! Two months after going missing from a baggage center at JFK, Jack was discovered there Tuesday night and quickly whisked away to a vet, but now word is that the poor kitteh is in critical condition having contracted a nasty case of fatty liver disease at the airport. Fatty liver disease is a treatable but potentially fatal illness that sets in when a cat stops eating. At least one vets say Jack's chances are about 50-50 right now.

"He’s storing fat in his liver cells which is called hepatic lipidosis. That’s a pretty serious illness," Matthew Cooper of Blue Pearl Emergency Animal Hospital explained to CBS. The illness is a direct response to his barely having eaten over the past 61 days (he lost five pounds!) and to get him back to health the poor guy is currently subsisting off of a feeding tube (and being kept far from cameras).

Jack's owner, Karen Pascoe (who's move to California precipitated the cat's disappearance), is reportedly planning to fly back to town for a reunion with Jack—who has been promised a free flight to his new home in California by American Airlines...when he's healthy.