[UPDATE BELOW] Way back in 2007, rapper Ja Rule was stopped on West End Avenue for speeding following a concert at Beacon Theater, unfortunately for him, cops also found a loaded .40-caliber semiautomatic in the car (with Ja Rule's DNA on it). Now the NY Post reports that he was in court earlier today pleading guilty to attempted criminal possession of a weapon; the Manhattan judge told him, “Because of your guilty plea here today, you’ll have a record of having committed a violent felony. This is a very serious matter."

The rapper refused to discuss the case upon exiting the courthouse, but did say: “This isn’t a good day."

He's free until his sentencing on February 9th, at which time he could be given up to 15 years behind bars. However, Lil Wayne was also stopped after the same concert in 2007, and also had a loaded semiautomatic on him, and he only spent eight months in jail.

UPDATE: According to the Daily News, Ja Rule will be going to prison for two years. He took the same plea as Lil Wayne, who received only a one year sentence (and was let out after 8 months).