J&R Music and Computer World, the Financial District electronics behemoth that caters to shopper seeking both a washing machine and an iPod, wants the city to co-name the street it sits on on "J & R Way" in an effort to boost the store's flailing sales.

"Six hundred jobs are dependent on this," store spokesman Abe Brown last week told a Community Board 1 committee. "All over the world, people know our name, but they can't associate where it is." The committee rejected J & R's plea, saying it sets a bad precedent—"Before you know it, we'll have Chase Avenue and JPMorgan Way," said one member. Computer companies and the record industry, two of J & R's largest product offerings, have been suffering losses in jobs and sales in recent years.

Brown said he plans to take the request to City Council for approval, though a Council spokesman said they couldn't find a similar example. The store, which has been open since 1971, is on Park Row between Beekman and Ann Sts.