2007_03_copshot.jpgThere was another attack on cops last night, this time at the Broadway Junction J train station. Police officers were trying to give a summons to a man who was smoking. When they asked his friend Hugo Hernandez for ID, Hernandez slashed police officer Angel Cruz in the face. Cruz and his partner fired at Hernandez multiple times.

One witness who had been reading his bible said, "When everyone heard the shots everyone took off running. There was chaos," he said. "People were like, 'What's going on?' Everyone knows what gunshots sound like. I knew what they were when they heard them, People just went with their instincts. They ran and I followed." Hernandez was injured and taken to a hospital. Cruz underwent surgery for a fractured skull; police transported him a patrol car and then carried him into the hospital. His partner was slashed in the hand.

The NY Times reports that the smoker fled the scene, but that he was captured hours later. Police Commissioner Kelly said, "This is a totally irrational act. A person responds to a summons for smoking with a six-inch knife."