2007_06_lifecall.jpgOne-time Supreme Court nominee (during the Reagan years) Robert Bork is suing the Yale Club for their shoddy dais construction skills. The 80-year-old Bork contends that when he was ascending a dais at a function last year when he fell and that the fall was due to the fact that Yale didn't have its usual stairs between the floor and platform or a handrail. Bork's injuries are detailed by the Times:

Mr. Bork fell backward while ascending the dais, striking his left leg on the side of the dais and bumping his head, the suit claims. As a result of the fall, a hematoma formed on his leg and later burst. The injury required surgery, extended medical treatment and months of physical therapy, the suit contends.

“Mr. Bork suffered excruciating pain as a result of this injury,” according to the suit, “and was largely immobile during the months in which he received physical therapy.” Not only was he forced to use a cane, the suit maintains, but he also still walks with a limp.

We also a little shocked that no one tried to assist a 79-year-old guy climbing onto a dais - come on, people, you may not agree with his politics but come on. Bork is suing for $1 million in damages; the Yale Club had no comment because it had not received the lawsuit yet.

The Post's headline was fun: "$1 Mil Bork Chop." And is it time to add another definition to bork - "fall backwards off a dais and file a lawsuit for damages"?