Just one day after a man attempted to explode an airplane before landing, Ivana Trump blew up at passengers before take-off, launching obscenities at children aboard the flight to New York and police officers. Her outburst caused a two hour delay for other passengers headed from Palm Beach International Airport to LaGuardia.

The former wife of Donald Trump apparently got angry about her seat assignment in first class when she boarded Delta-Northwest flight 2377, so attendants offered her a different seat in first class and headphones. But she quickly became infuriated at kids on the plane. "From initial contact until Ms. Trump left the property, she was saying 'f--k you' to all the deputies" and calling children "little f--kers," according to a police spokeswoman quoted in the Post.

The tabloid also spoke with 10-year-old witness Vincent Cone, who claims that the 60-year-old woman flipped out at kids. "The reason she got so upset was the children, and she started screaming, 'I want to go back home,'" said Cone. "She was swearing at the baby." When flight attendants told her she was getting kicked off the plane, Trump rushed toward the cockpit, according to Cone. Pilots told her to leave, but she refused to disembark from the plane and a Transportation Security Administration official was summoned. "I could see the TSA guy was very calm and steady about it," Cone said. "He definitely wasn't going to change his mind about her getting off the plane."

Trump agreed to leave the airplane when Delta staff offered her another flight at a later date, according to the Palm Beach Post's "Page 2" column. Though officers described her behavior as "belligerent" and "aggravating," she was not charged with a crime. The FBI was alerted of the incident, but is not going pursue it, the Florida paper reports.