You know how that d-bag you briefly dated while under the influence of Natural Light and JELL-O shots would totally get his dog high by exhaling his schwag weed into its face? That guy was such a jerk, why did you ever even date him? Anyway, today we came across this article that he probably wrote, saying it's totally chill for dogs to get high. According to one local vet sourced in the piece, "it’s perfectly ok for your dog to smoke marijuana. He can even take bong hits. He just can’t eat it.”

As it turns out, "exposing cats and dogs to marijuana can help reduce the suffering from a chronic and painful illness," just like with humans. One cat owner says, “My cat had Leukemia. On his death bed, we blew marijuana smoke into his ears, and he got up, walked around the house meowing, first time in a week. We thought he was better, but he crawled into his bed and died later that day. But he did seem to enjoy those last few hours.” There's even something called Medical Marijuana Delivery Systems, LLL developing a pet patch called Tetracan, which will allow ailing pets to absorb marijuana through their skin (so far it will be for cats, dogs, and horses... and we're guessing their owners). Medical marijuana laws would have to be amended to allow vets to prescribe it in each of the 15 states medical marijuana is currently legal.

We reached out to PETA, and their rep Nicole Dao told us:

If the proper administration of marijuana can truly relieve dogs' pain, then they should be given the same consideration that humans in pain are given, with regular doses to help reduce their misery. But it's an entirely different matter to amuse oneself by getting the cat drunk or the dog high. In fact, it sounds like something that only a total pothead or moron would do. It's like the bar owners who used to keep a chimpanzee in a cage and let the animal smoke cigarettes just to get a laugh out of their patrons: It wasn't just an unhealthy habit, the bar owners created a nicotine craving in the ape that the animal couldn't satisfy whenever it hit.

Since a YouTube search of dogs smoking weed was far too upsetting to pursue after a few minutes, we'll just go with this to visualize Dao's point: