She's going to be a resident of NYC soon, after all. Okay, so at the end of June there was a blind item that screamed C. Lo, it read: "Although she claims to be clean, when she checked out of a Manhattan hotel recently, the maid found the room littered with dirty needles." Now the NY Post confirms it, reporting that it took Courtney Love no time at all to trash her posh room at The Inn on Irving Place.

The rocker was in town with daughter Frances Bean on June 17th, but there's no word if the 16-year-old was around to see the "dirty needles and used feminine hygiene products" strewn about the place. A source told the paper, "She caused so much damage in eight hours and wreaked so much havoc. It was actually kind of funny...minus the $5,000 in repairs." The '90s are back! Sadly, the 44-year-old is doing more damage to herself than when she was on top of the charts. Her body is disappearing, she's taking pills, carrying around syringes, and while in town was spotted chain smoking outside of the Greenhouse nightclub prior to rushing back in and making "a beeline for Oliver Stone."

Even a cloud of smoke can't cover up that desperation, but she totally explained the whole syringe thing to TMZ—you know, explained it in her very special Courtney Love way of explaining things. [Five years ago, when Love was living in NYC, she was hauled out of her old NYC apartment lobby saying it was her birthday and that she had an abortion.]