Remember that "stupid human" who vandalized the Ed Sullivan Theater last year? James Whittemore, an actor with "demons," was drunk when he broke windows, peed on the floor and flipped over trash cans. This week, after he punched a man at a subway station, he blamed it on the "Irish in me."

The Post caught up with Whittemore, 23, at Manhattan Criminal Court yesterday. Even though Whittemore moved out of the city, "he made the mistake of visiting pals in Harlem en route to La Guardia airport for a trip to Hawaii, he said." And while waiting for an A train at a subway station, he and his girlfriend were apparently bothered by a homeless man. Whittemore admitted he punched the man first, "He wouldn’t leave us alone."

When he accepted a plea deal (no jail, no probation and $7,000 restitution) for the Ed Sullivan theater incident in the summer, Whittemore claimed he was having a bad day because "Someone stole my iPhone, I quit my job, my girlfriend broke up with me." Now facing assault, criminal mischief and harassment charges, Whittemore confirmed, "I cannot stand this place!" (referring to New York City) but said that other people he met in jail were nice, "They’re like, ‘What did the little crazy white guy do? They’re like, ‘He’s Michael J. Fox!”