In a crazy textile-tons of steel mashup, the people behind All (the conglomerate Unliever) have put a clothes-covered-bus on the streets of New York City to promote its all small & mighty varieties. Both cityrag
and kottke noticed the bus - and we hope they text messaged the location, because there's a contest where you can win up to $5000 in a shopping spree (there are twelve $200 shopping spree runner-ups):

From May 15th to 26th, two all small & mighty buses covered in clothes will cruise the streets of New York City. When you see one, send a text message of the time and location to 96787. You'll be entered in the Spot the Bus Sweepstakes.

As for the clothes on the bus, is the idea that the clothes will be taken off and then cleaned with one bottle of all small & mighty? And imagine how gross a subway train car covered in clothes would be - ewww!

The Spot the Bus promotion.

Photograph from cityrag