If there was ever a time for the gritted teeth "Serenity Now" mantra, it's this Thanksgiving. And with 48.7 million Americans expected to hit the trains, planes and automobiles (89% of them by car) to feast on Turducken, we're all going to have to remember that patience is its own reward:

The AAA says that there are one million more Thanksgiving travelers this year than last, which makes it "the most Thanksgiving travelers since 2007." And for every person worried about wading into politics at a gathering when you're supposed to be thankful for friends and family, there are many more who are getting ready to throw down and shatter the Facebook echo chamber with some real talk. In the end, hopefully we can all set aside our differences for a few minutes and just share some damn Piecaken.

Another reason why so many people are traveling this year: Cheap gas prices! "Thanksgiving gas prices second-cheapest in nearly a decade...Most U.S. drivers will pay the second-cheapest Thanksgiving gas prices since 2008, when the national average was $1.85," according to the AAA.

Also, those flying shouldn't experience those insane TSA security lines we had earlier this year; CBS News' travel editor Peter Greenberg explains, "[The TSA is] more ready then they were last May, they’ve gotten their act together, they’ve staffed better, they’ve had budget help from Congress to do that."

If your travels are closer to home, the MTA and NJ Transit have added extra service for today.

And don't forget to take a moment to be thankful for all the good and love in your life and that you see in others.