As we reminded everyone yesterday, bedbugs aren't the only pest torturing New Yorkers. Down on Staten Island they're apparently dealing with a major "stink bug" explosion. The shield-shaped critters eschew human flesh for human crops, preferring our fruit and vegetables, sucking the juice out of apples and other produce. And their smell has been described as skunk-like. The Staten Island Advance reports that the sudden surge in stink bugs is due to recent wild temperature fluctuations, which confused the bugs into thinking it was springtime. Ha-ha, stupid stink bugs—that's just us ruining the environment!

"I've never seen anything like it. It's unbelievable." says exterminator Mark Loffredo. Stink bugs are believed to have arrived on our shores in the '90s via a shipping container from Asia. But their natural predator didn't follow them here, and their numbers have been booming ever since. The average life span is one year, and an adult female can give birth 10 or more times, in batches of 28 eggs at a time. "I anticipate it might get even worse next year," entomologist Dr. George Hamilton predicts. Oh well, guess we'll just need to quarantine Staten Island. Oh, and Jersey.