2008_09_boe.jpgToday, the polls are open for this year's primary elections. Polls in NYC will close at 9 p.m., and you can find your polling location here (more info at NYC Board of Elections). There are a number of big races, and Gotham Gazette has its Guide for the Last Minute Voter: The 2008 Primary to help explain the issues in certain districts. Though millions "completely ignore the state primary elections," the NY Times reports, "this year’s primary offers a wealth of intrigue and action." One to watch: Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is being challenged by two upstarts, Paul Newell and Luke Henry--the Post thinks the race might be close and the Daily News' Michael Daly writes those "who benefit most from...Silver's long tenure in office are not those who live in his lower Manhattan district, but the suburbanites who drive through it."