Mayor Cory Booker took a break from being Newark's resident Superman today to announce he will be running for US Senate. He hopes to fill the seat vacated by late Senator Frank Lautenberg, who died earlier this week; the state will be holding a special election for Lautenberg's seat in October.

Booker's move isn't much of a surprise, since it was widely speculated he would run for Lautenberg's seat after the late Senator's term was up in 2014. What was a surprise, though, was Governor Chris Christie's announcement on Tuesday that the state would be holding the costly special election in the first place, considering he'd blasted making such a move a month into his own election. "I don’t think any responsible governor at this point would call for a special election that would cost $10 million," he'd said, when asked about the possibility of holding one a few years ago. It's been a while since we've studied logic, so we'll let you guys figure that one out.

Meanwhile, fundraising efforts for Booker's Senate campaign are already underway, and it's been reported that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg will hold a fundraiser for him in the near future. And don't worry; this campaign probably won't stop Booker from saving the world one struck pedestrian at a time.