Friends of the 44-year-old stabbing victim who flipped his Range Rover over the curb, killing 13-year-old Kira Goddard on Saturday night, claim that the city is at fault in her death because they failed to pick up tree limbs in the road. "The only reason the car flipped over is because of the debris left in the street," a friend of Sean Lewis told the Post. Lewis was driving down Pacific Street in Brooklyn when he smashed into three parked vehicles, backed up and flipped over the curb, killing the girl as she rushed her five friends and sister to safety.

Michael Daly at the Daily News takes a closer look at Lewis, who spent four years in state prison for robbery and drug distribution and was shot three times between 1983 and 1995. Lewis reportedly bought his Range Rover from the proceeds of a $1.3 million personal injury settlement while he was working construction at Brighton Beach in 2004. He testified at a deposition, "I can't stand for any period of time. I can't sit for long periods of time. I can't bend over. I can't lift my leg…I can't have sex."

But X-rays showed "normal appearing vertebral bodies and disc spaces," and Lewis, who wasn't on any medication, stopped seeing a doctor in 2006. When Lewis claimed he was in fact seeing a doctor referred by his friend "Reggie," lawyers asked for Reggie's last name. Lewis testified, "I don't know." There was also a mysterious "nail gun injury" he suffered that same year, despite Lewis being out of work. Daly suggests that may have been another gunshot injury. Nonetheless, Lewis received the settlement last year.

Family and loved ones of Kira Goddard are incensed that Brooklyn State Assemblyman William Boyland displayed a "flippant attitude" at a prayer vigil for the slain girl on Sunday evening. A neighbor tells the Daily News,"William Boyland drove by here and beeped his horn and drove off. That was a disrespect to the community." Goddard's mother, Joyce Lovelady, agreed: "It's very disrespectful. He should be here to at least give his condolences." Comparing the response with the one received by the family of murdered 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky, another neighbor asks, "Where are our representatives? They showed up in Borough Park a few weeks ago. Every child's life is important."

Boyland appears to have been "flippant" towards governing since taking office: he's been indicted on bribery and corruption charges, and apparently spends most of his time playing the Facebook game CityVille.