There is a cold front ready to rescue us from this week's heat and humidity melodrama. Unfortunately the front will have to wait in the wings as diva Hurricane Bill lights up the stage. Bill isn't going to make landfall in the US but it will cause dangerous rip currents this weekend. Be careful!

Bill is temporarily blocking the cold front's approach. Because the front is moving so slowly and the humidity is so high, dew points are in the disgusting mid 70s, there is an good chance for a deluge through tomorrow. Look for showers, thunderstorms, and possibly flooding starting this afternoon but especially tonight and tomorrow. Today's high will be close to 90, prompting another heat advisory. Tomorrow should only reach the lower 80s but it is likely to be unbearably sticky.

The front will finally take the stage on Sunday and the curtain will come down on the humidty as early as that afternoon. There's a slight chance of showers on Sunday as the last dregs of humidity exit but sunny and dry weather should prevail early next week.