In the wake of the embarrassing implosion of his planned GOP presidential debate in Des Moines—better known as Donald Trump's Very Classy GOP Presidential Primary DebateDonald Trump has made good on his threat to abandon the Republican party. Trump has officially changed his voter registration in New York state from Republican to "unaffiliated." Which means Trump is that much closer to joining the "party" of Michael Bloomberg, Ross Perot, Kinky Friedman, and John Tyler, leaving open the hilarious, tantalizing possibility of him fake-running for president as an independent.

And according to Trump aide Michael Cohen, this is all the Republicans own damn fault: Trump was "disgusted with the way Republicans are handling" the payroll tax cut extension, saying the actions of Republicans were partly to blame for his party change. Previously, Trump used a similar excuse to get out of the debate in a, um, dignified manner: he claimed that Republicans (except for Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum) would only agree to participate if he promised not to run for president as an independent—it definitely wasn't because Trump conjured up an "unwanted circus-like atmosphere." Definitely not.

At least this gives Trump more time for his two passions: endlessly promoting his reality TV show, Celebrity Combover Apprentice, and golf. To that end, Trump’s company has signed a 20-year license deal to operate the 18-hole Jack Nicklaus Signature course under construction at Ferry Point Park in the Bronx. Trump's organization, to their credit, did a good job credibly running the Central Park carousel. Of course, we can almost certainly guarantee Trump had nothing to do with that himself—who has time to run a company when they can be luxuriating amongst "yards and yards of gold silk?"