The Giants are at a big point in their season. After a 5-0 start, built mostly against inferior teams, they have lost two straight to good teams. Now, they have to head down to Philadelphia for a game with the Eagles, the team that knocked them out of the playoffs at home last year. A win would restore confidence that New York is a playoff-caliber team while a loss, and the upcoming schedule, would threaten to send the team into a spiral. So the stakes are high and when you add in the fact that the Philadelphia crowd will be in a New York-hating frenzy, this should be a very good game.

The Giants have to get back to basics on offense. Last week Eli Manning was terrible, though some of his receivers ran lousy routes as well. But, Brandon Jacobs ran the ball well; averaging 5.8 yards a carry and you should expect the Giants to pound the ball with him a lot on Sunday.

The Eagles are still a very good defensive team, but they do not blitz as much as they did under the late Jim Johnson. On offense, you might see the infamous Michael Vick and the Wildcat on a number of plays. One player you probably won’t see is Brian Westbrook, the very dangerous running back, who suffered a concussion last week. He hasn’t practiced all week and as of yesterday, he was still undergoing testing. The loss of Westbrook will be the difference and the Giants pound out a win with Jacobs and their defense leading the way.