2006_09_kermit.jpgWe were flipping through the NY Post this morning, and of course the headline "MCG FINDS HIS INNER KERMIT" jumped out at us. What? Is he going to be on Sesame Street? No, it's better: Apparently former governor James McGreevey "sobbed in therapy while clutching a Kermit the Frog stuffed animal." And what kind of therapy? To battle his addiction to be loved by the public and to "have a public." Well, writing a book and going on tour is certainly a way to feed the addiction! McGreevey went to the same Arizona clinic that Kate Moss and Whitney Houston went to for their drug issues, and that Eric Benet - Halle Berry's cheating ex - went there for his sex addiction.

The Post says McGreevey regularly attends an AA-like meeting and that he's working on his list of people he's wronged and needs to apologize to. We hope he's got a lot of time - the names of every single NJ resident during his administration should be there!