We're nearing the end of National Stop on Red Week, the fabulous star-studded salute to red carpet celebrity photography Traffic Safety Coalition's weeklong effort get drivers to stop acting like homicidal psychopaths. Good luck with that! After Sunday, everyone can go back to blowing through red lights, but for the next couple of days the TSC would like drivers to at least consider coming to a full stop when the light turns red. To that end, they've produced this video showing what happens when idiot motorists mistake red for green:

So, in summation: Not only is it illegal to run red lights, but it's also dangerous and completely insane that we even need a video to remind drivers about these basic freaking facts. And for pedestrians, this video doubles as a sobering reminder that just because the sign says walk, that doesn't mean you should assume cars and cyclists will stop. Rule of thumb: assume everyone's an unhinged maniac who places no value whatsoever on human life. [Via SI Live]