Hey guys, if you wake up with a bunch of bites on your body right now, DO NOT FREAK OUT. It's probably not bed bugs... more than likely the mosquitoes that were living outside of your apartment have now moved inside because it got too cold out there.

They're fragile, and your apartment is so warm and cozy.

So from now until the big chill comes and kills them all off for the winter: it's Mosquitoes Are Your New Roommates Season here in New York. It happens every year, and every year someone starts a message board thread about it. But whatareyougonnado? You can try the following, or just wait it out...

  • Grow some basil! It's a natural mosquito repellent and also tastes delicious to humans.
  • Make sure your screens don't have holes in them if you are leaving your windows open
  • Make sure there's no standing water in your apartment (like in your garbage can, you monster)
  • Also check for standing water directly outside of your apartment.. maybe where your air conditioner has been leaking all summer.
  • You could probably also get a mosquito net, though that seems a little extremist... but who says your extreme paranoia about contracting West Nile can't be sexy?

The important thing here is that those bites on your legs are probably not from bed bugs (but like, maybe check anyway). Sleep tight!