2005_08_miller.jpg- City Council Gifford Miller's commercials are out, and Gothamist sees one advantage that Miller has over the candidates: He's got adorable moppets (even though they are dressed sort of the same - Gothamist is very anti-dressing your kids in the same or similar outfits because kids are individuals; let them dress the same when they are teenagers and learning to be sheep) that he can hoist onto his shoulders while campaigning - people think twice before taking shots at guys with little kids on their shoulders, at least outside of ballparks. Anyway, the NY Times has more thorough analysis of the commercial (slick but misleading in some areas), but Gothamist will say that it's kind of goofy, because Miller is striding forward in most of the setting (down the steps of a building, on a city street, in a cafeteria) as he's talking to the camera. It almost seems like a Saturday Night Live goof commercial.

- Congressman Anthony Weiner was highly critical of Fernando Ferrer's proposed initiatives, saying Ferrer's ideas were from the 1970s. We imagine more of the candidates will need to start attacking each other more than attacking Bloomberg in order to standout because New Yorkers really don't know them.

- Manhattan Beep C. Virginia Fields showed up at Mayor Bloomberg's announcement for the Gregorio Luperon High School for Science and Math's new $41 million school. She wasn't exactly invited, but the Mayor was cordial, to an extent: "I have always thought that the borough president was doing a great job, and I'd like to see her stay in exactly that job." Ha!

- And the Mayor has his very own flyer controversy, or so the Daily News would like us to think: The consultant who created the Mayor's fancy pamphlet also included a photograph of a swastika to call another client's opponent anti-Semitic.